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Womb Art- A Money Prayer

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Last Saturday I joined Sama in my first womb Art call , I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew I had this feeling of being full energetically to a point that I can’t tune into myself anymore , it was my 3rd moon day as well and I was facing a lot of challenges to understand why I still have all those financial blockages and beliefs that I can’t support myself...

As we shared our checkin I realized how much I still believe that I really need to work hard and more importantly do something I don’t enjoy so I can call it work and only then I would deserve to receive....

As I looked to the blank paper all I knew was that I needed to shift those believes into believing in abundance , in passive income... just as I receive my next breath because I’m alive, I can receive abundance because everything in Nature is so abundant one seed can create a huge tree , with multiple fruits and endless seeds...

Looking into our beliefs as a collective ,it feels so embedded so deep that we need to work hard to generate and create abundance , “Money don’t grow on trees” but what if there is a way to open ourself to receiving.. to be guided to the flow of our abundance while being in service and still having fun....

While painting I used my moon blood to replace all the red color and added my prayers of trust , passion , financial freedom ,flow , purpose and most importantly Joy... I believe that’s the feminine way

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