The Bio-Mystical Womb Healing 13 Moon Apprenticeship

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship.  
The first 13 month apprenticeship started on October 31st, 2019.  As you may have noticed in the intro video, I spoke about it as a 9 moon program.  Due to receiving a lot of feedback about participants feeling overwhelmed with the quantity and depth of the materials, we decided to expand the program to 13 moons to allow more time for deep diving into the material and integration of the transformation.
The next round of the Apprenticeship will start on October 31st, 2020.  There will be an overlap of previous apprentices with the new ones joining.  This overlap will allow the more experienced apprentices to mentor the new ones.
This is an all genders apprenticeship as we all were born from our mother's womb and there is much healing to be done around this.  We are all also nourished and vitalized by the Womb of Gaia and the Cosmic Womb of Creation. 
Many are currently feeling the call to return to reverence towards the womb, seeing the harmful and life diminishing effects of social structures and belief systems that do not hold the Womb in utmost reverence for its life generating powers.
This apprenticeship is an initiation into ancient Womb Wisdom practices remembered and revisioned for our modern lives.  It will be structured around our natural life cycle and the cycles of growth and initiation we all go through. 
Many of us did not receive full initiations at important biological development moments, like conception, gestation, birth, throughout infancy and childhood, puberty, menstruation, first sexual experience, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, preparation for menopause/wisdom years, and wisdom years.  In fact, many of us experienced trauma, suppression, neglect, and suffering around these important transitions. 
In this apprenticeship we will revisit all of these developmental phases, bringing healing to the way it was or is and retroactively and/or presently initiating ourselves into full Bio-Mystical Womb Wisdom. 
What is Bio-Mystical Womb Wisdom you ask?  It is a re-weaving of the fabric of life back into wholeness.  It is an intrinsically healing perspective that our bodies are vessels for our spirits and as such, our biology is a map of the spirit realm.  Central to this perspective is the awareness that our wombs and our sexuality generate new life, bringing spirit into physical form.  It is founded on the principle that this is a beautiful womb power, that birthing new life is a miraculous thing deserving of reverence. 
With Bio-Mysticism we can mend the rifts between the genders, bringing partnership back into our relationships, abolishing unhealthy power dynamics of domination that are at the root of most human ills.  Bio-Mystical practices help us to learn how to listen to our bodies, particularly our long ignored womb space, for the wisdom and healing we so desperately need if we are to survive as a species on this planet.
The apprenticeship will include the following healing practices:
  • Pre-Birthing:  Journeying to the Ancestral Council before our conception to participate in the formulation of our soul purpose and the choice of parents and life circumstances that best serve that purpose.
  • Rebirthing:  Revisiting our conception, gestation, and birth and bringing healing to this important blueprint for our lives
  • Re-Mothering: Revisiting our infancy and early childhood, our relationships with our mothers and other adults in our lives, bringing healing to any unhealthy patterns we learned then
  • Coming of Age:  Revisiting how we were initiated into adulthood, bringing healing to our experiences of Menarche and first sexual experiences.
  • Creative Fertility:  Bringing healing to our menstrual cycles, sexuality and relationship patterns, and our flow of creative energy by recognizing and releasing any restrictions from past trauma.  We will bring healing to our fertility, whether we are birthing human children or other life affirming creations.
  • Creative Partnership:  Healing wounding around domination/co-dependence models of sexual and co-creative partnering and returning to the mutual empowerment of true partnership.
  • Enchantress/Enchanter phase:  Exploring our soul purpose, awakening our inner power and guidance about how we will enchant the world towards our inner vision of beauty and well being.
  • Wise One: Connecting with our inner wise one, preparing for menopause/wisdom years, and/or initiating ourselves as the Wise Ones we are meant to be, ready to deliver our wisdom medicine to the world.
Each of these phases of the apprenticeship will consist of the following material:
  • Live Opening Ceremony
  • Live Co-Creative Video Circles
  • Herbal Medicine Making Instruction
  • Pre-Recorded Daily/weekly practices including:
    • Guided meditations/journeys 
    • Therapeutic movement practices 
    • Herbal recipes
    • Customized Pelvic Steaming practices
    • Jade Egg practices
    • Writing from the Womb practices
    • Priestess Trainings and Activations
  •  Main Ceremony/Initiation
  • Online connection and sharing circle on Facebook
  • Bonus guest instructor contributions and live events
Apprentices who complete the whole 13 months, including a list of qualifying activities, will graduate as Bio-Mystical Womb Mentor Priestesses.  These additional requirements include:
  • Completing at least one of the weekly questionnaires a month throughout the apprenticeship.
  • Attending all of the live circle calls and ceremonies 
  • Completing all of the Herbal Womb Wellness classes and completing the questionnaires correctly
    • (Completion of this course does not authorize you to facilitate vaginal steaming for others, just to develop your own personal practice.  If you want to become a certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, you can sign up for that with Steamy Chick until I develop the Bio-Mystical Womb Steaming Practitioner Training which is in the works)​
  • Attending at least 2 live Womb Centered Yoga Classes per month.
    • (Priestesses who wish to teach Womb Centered Yoga must have a yoga teacher training certificate already.  This material will simply enhance your already established yoga teaching skills.  Those who don't have a yoga teacher certificate can still teach the movement practices but call it Womb Dance)​
  • Hosting 3 separate live activities for your fellow apprentices customizing the Bio-Mystical Womb materials to your own style
  • Completing all of the one to one sessions with Sama that are included in the apprenticeship
  • Being available to mentor and support the new cohort of apprentices during the last month of the apprenticeship
  • Reading at least 2 of the books listed in the recommended book list and filling out the reflective questionnaire about it.
The apprenticeship will also include the following one to one sessions with me to be scheduled throughout the 13 months:
  • 1-2 Womb Wellness Assessment session(s)
  • 1 Pelvic Steaming Planning session
  • 2 Womb Wellness Mentoring sessions
You are always welcome to request more one to one sessions if needed.
The cost for the entire apprenticeship is on a sliding scale as described below:


For those who make more than $80,000/year


For those who make between $80,000 and $30,000/year


For those who make less than  $30,000/year

If you would like to arrange monthly payments or need a scholarship or Work exchange arrangement, please fill out the application for these options below.
If you would like to have a discussion with Sama Morningstar about any of these options and receive her assistance connecting with your Womb Wisdom about what would be best for you at this time, please feel free to schedule a free Womb Listening Initiation session by clicking on the button below.

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